Ultimate Craft Show List: People

All week we have look at each section of my Ultimate Craft Show List.  Day 1 was the Selling Group.  Day 2 the Display Group.  Day 3 the Business Group and day 4 was Supplies.  Today we are looking at what you need to get through the show.

Food/Snacks in Cooler - Do yourself a favor and pack a lunch.  I actually prefer small snack items such as carrots, nuts, cheese, hard boiled eggs, raisins or protein bars.  These are easy to eat when you have a few minutes.  Your alternative is usually a hot dog or sloppy joe with chips.  These can be hard to eat while you are managing your booth.  Since most shows are their busiest between 11 am and 2 pm, lunch time, you may not have time to eat.  People who are spending time eating are not spending time selling and could be missing sales.

Water/Drinks - Be sure to stay hydrated at a show.  You will be doing plenty of talking while you are communicating with customers.  Drinks can also be expensive at a show, a water bottle from home is free.  Be sure your drink has a lid.  That way if it gets knocked over there is less mess.  Try to keep your food and drinks off of your selling tables.  You are showcasing your items not your food and drinks.

Appropriate Clothing/Shoes - The temperature outside might be cold but the area you are exhibiting in might be broiling hot.  Be prepared for this by dressing in layers.  Also be prepared with comfortable shoes.  You will probably be standing for several hours and then there is unloading and loading your show stuff.  Most vendors I see dress in jeans, tennis shoes and a nice shirt.

Friend/Helper - Bringing a helper is a plus.  They can step in when you need a break or help with sales when it is really busy.  It is also great to have help during setup and tear down.  Some shows do offer assistance throughout the day with people to unload, load or watch your booth when you need a break but help might be limited.

Chair for each person - You might want to consider bringing your own chair.  Most indoor shows generally give you a chair or two but they are generally a metal folding chair.  At outdoor shows bringing a chair is a must.  We have folding lawn chairs with tables that flip up.  We use these whenever we have room.  Sometimes your booth space is tight and there may not be room.  

Cart - We recently invested in a good cart to help get our numerous bins, tables and shelves to and from our truck.  This was the best investment.  Now we can move multiple bins easily making fewer trips and getting setup and tear down done quicker.

Craft to work on - I crochet so it is easy to take something with me to work on at the show.  People like to see you making what you sell.  I have crocheted for so long that it is easy for me to work while I talk and to easily put it down when I have sales.  If possible bring your work to keep you busy during slow periods.  It will increase your inventory and keep you from tuning out with your phone.

Wet wipes - Because goo and dirt happens everywhere.

Hand Sanitizer - Germs happen everywhere too

Plastic grocery bag for trash - I keep this in my booth area for the trash I create throughout the day then dispose of it at the show.  Just helps to keep my booth neat and organized.

Bug Spray/Sunscreen - If you do outdoor shows consider taking these two items.  Even though you may be under a pop up, you are probably going to be in the sun more than you think.  Bug repellent is also a good idea at certain times of the year.

Tylenol - As I get older I find this to be a very useful item.  Just handy to have on hand if needed.  If you take prescription medicines remember to pack those too.

Paper Towels - Spills and messes do happen so these are handy to have too.

This list is all things to make your day more comfortable so add whatever you need to make that happen.  If you are comfortable and prepared for the day, you will be able to focus on selling your craft.

That wraps up our week long look at my Ultimate Craft Show list.  I hope you have found this useful for your crafting needs.  

Until next time...