Ultimate Craft Show List: Selling Tools You Need

The Selling Group is the first category of the Ultimate Craft Show List  we are going to take a look at.  Each list item is covered including links to items that we use.  

Product/Items you are Selling - Now this sounds like an obvious thing but this can be forgotten.  I am often working on last minute things that are not with my regular inventory.  If I forget to grab that last bag of scrubbies, those last few wands, or that last bowl or two, we may not have that thing that really sells.  I try to keep inventory in the fewest bins possible (here is an example of what we use) but for a big show there might be extras that don’t go to every show.  A quick double check before you walk out the door can make all the difference.

Change for Cash Sales - I have mentioned this before.  This seems to be an area that I always forget until the last minute.  If only the bank machine out spit out $5’s and $1’s.  I often find myself stopping at stores the night before or the day of just to buy something little to get change.  This week I got smart and took my start change back out in small bills before I balanced the event.  This way I will be all set for the next show.

How much change do you need?  That depends on the items you sell.  If you have small items you might need a lot of $1's.  We have a popular $15 item so we use a lot of $5's.  If you have an uneven price like $1.50, be sure to take change.  I find that $50-$60 in assorted small bills seems to work well for us.Prepare to take cards or cash with the craft show list

Credit Card Reader - By this I mean your Square or PayPal Here reader.  If you are not taking credit cards in today’s selling environment, you are losing sales!  This is especially true if you have bigger ticket items.  There have been plenty of times that we have sold 2 or 3 wands to a person instead of 1 just because they could use a credit card.  These services do not cost you that much.  It is well worth the fee to be able to say Yes you take cards.

Phone or Tablet for Card App - To go along with the credit card reader you will need a smartphone or tablet that connects to a data plan for the credit card application to be installed on.  Don’t rely on the free WiFi that the show may offer.  It may not have the connectivity you need.  WiFi’s at schools often block Facebook or card app services to limit student activities.  Come prepared with your own WiFi or data plan.

Portable Charger - This is a must have to keep your electronics going throughout the day.  If you don’t have one check your local closeout store for an inexpensive one or here is one you can order on Amazon.

Receipt Book - I don’t write receipts for every sale but this is a good tracking tool.  I like to have one on hand for that random customer who wants a receipt for a purchase.  

Calculator - Because you can’t always add everything in your head.  

Bags/Wrapping for Sales - Spend a few dollars and get yourself bags, boxes or whatever is appropriate for your items.  Relying on used grocery bags does not make you look professional.  My go to place for these types of things is Discount Shopping Bags.  They offer a great variety for great prices.  Also consider using your bags as part of your business branding. By doing this you give yourself the advertising not the grocery store.

Money Box - This doesn’t have to be a box but you should have something where you can keep your cash safe.  I have seen everything from a box to a metal box to an actual cash register at a show.  I personally like to keep mine in my apron pocket.  

Apron - I highly recommend investing in an apron to use at a show.  I have a half size one that goes around my waist and has pockets on the front.  It is a great place to hold my phone, money, price tags, and extra business cards among other things.  It can be simple or one that is designed for crafters similar to this one I found on Amazon.

This completes the items in the Selling Group on my Ultimate Craft Show Checklist.  Click here for the Display Category.

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