8 Uses for Scrubbies and How to Make Your Own

I make scrubbies!  These versatile little gems are very popular, especially at craft shows.  Whenever I have them at a show I hear “oh, my grandma used to make these” and “I love these but I can never find them”.  I tend to sell out of whatever I bring.  Over the past 3 years I have probably made at least…

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Ultimate Craft Show List: People

All week we have look at each section of my Ultimate Craft Show List.  Day 1 was the Selling Group.  Day 2 the Display Group.  Day 3 the Business Group and day 4 was Supplies.  Today we are looking at what you need to get through the show. Read More

Don’t Forget These 5 Tips At A Craft Show

Exhibiting at a craft show?  I’m sure you have spent a lot of time getting your items made and prepared for selling.  Then there is finding tables, packing your vehicle, setting up your booth, and of course selling.  You know that selling your products will make it a successful show but there are some essential things that you should not…

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My Scrubbie Adventure

I mentioned in my post on Pet Mats that I was busy making Scrubbies.  These little things seem to control my life at times.  In case you hadn’t already figured it out, I like to crochet.  I sell crochet items in my Etsy Shop and at craft shows.  Several years ago in my never-ending quest to find quickly made crochet…

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