Hello!  I am Linda Holton from Holton Handicrafts.  I am partner to my hubby, The Lathe Junkie, mother to two grown children, two fur babies, and grandma to four grandchildren.  I love to craft and write and have a large variety of interests.

Way back when I was 10, my grandmother taught me how to knit.  We were both left handed so it was a natural fit.  I still have that first pair of plastic size 10 needles that she used to teach me.  Fast forward to adulthood….

I still liked to knit but found it slow.  I had a fast paced and stressful job and needed to find something to offset it.  Enter crochet!

I taught myself to crochet out of a magazine.  The instructions were right handed, but when you are left handed living in a right handed world you learn to adapt, and so I learned to crochet right handed.  I immediately loved to crochet.  It was faster then knitting and I made all sorts of things.  All of my family and friends became saturated with the items I made so…..Holton Handicrafts was born.

Today we offer a variety of items crafted by myself, my daughter, son and husband. You will find us at craft shows in central Michigan and in the Columbus, Ohio area.  We also have an Etsy Shop and feature our items on Facebook (see links on right).

My interests don’t stop at crafting!  With a background in administrative management in a busy sales office, years of selling crafts online and at shows, and a love of writing; I decided to combine these skills into a blog.  Now in addition to selling crafts, you will find a blog full of interesting and useful ideas and information on crafts, crafting, selling, and marketing your crafts.

Take a look at what we have to offer.  We are sure you will find something you will like.