Ultimate Craft Show List: Supplies

Here we are at day four of my Ultimate Craft Show List and today we are going to take a look at the miscellaneous supplies that you will want to have.  Once again, since my background is administrative, these seem like logical things to have but maybe not to everyone.  You may have additional needs based on the way you do business.

Pens/Pencils/Sharpies - I am a self admitted color pen addict.  I always have to have two or three colors of pens.  I also like to have pens that I don’t mind losing if someone walks off with one.  You will want to have this type of pen or pencils for people to use when filling out your mailing list form.  I also keep a sharpie or two on hand for tags or a quick sign.  

Paper -  I always have my notebook that I use to track inventory and sales at a show but you might handle things differently.  Just make sure you have some paper for notes.  You never know when you will need to jot down a phone number, web address or information on another show.  Spiral notebooks are a great tool to have for this purpose.  I stock up at back to school time and often find them for $.25 or less.

Tape - scotch/duct/packing - scotch tape is good for small things but duct or packing tape can be very useful for emergency repairs or tacking down stray things.  You might not need all three but it is something to consider having on hand.

Scissors - Because you never know when you are going to need them for something.

Paper Clips/Binder Clips - These little gems also come in handy when you least expect it.  Since both types of clips are available in different sizes you may want to have several options on hands.

Push Pins/Hooks - Push pins are especially handy for tacking things up or together.  Hooks can some in handy for hanging or holding.

Safety Pins - Hang a sign, fix a table cloth, hold something together; these come in very handy for all of that.  Again I like to have a variety of sizes available.

Rubber Bands/Tie Wraps - More items that are great to have on hand when you need them.

I feel like I use a lot of these items for numerous purposes.  I have learned to be creative in fixing, tacking and holding things most of the time using one of the items on this list.  I have a pencil box that holds all of these things (except the paper) with empty pill bottles to hold the small things like clip and tacks.  Maybe I should call this my emergency kit.

Tomorrow we will wrap up our week long look at my Ultimate Craft Show List with the People Group.

Until next time...