My Blogging Challenge Experience: What I Learned

Blogging every day takes more time than I expected. I knew it was going to take time but it proved to be very time consuming keeping up with everything that went with researching, writing and publishing a new post each day. Many times I rushed through this process just to post something. The reactions I got showed that you enjoyed the posts that I spent more time with. The entire process did speed up as I went along but I still struggled.

One of the things I thought I was prepared with and wasn’t is topics to blog about. I had a pretty good list but as the month went on a lot of the “quick” posts seems repetitive and not really my best work. I eliminated most of them in favor of posts that I already knew a lot about and could write about easily. While this was better, I found myself scrambling to keep up due to last minute planning. From now on I will plan out an entire month in advance with both titles and a brief outline.

  • Some positive things came out of this month:
  • Even though I have not posted anything in the past two days, I still feel like this is proof I could do it.
  • I feel like I have developed a writing style for blogging.
  • My WordPress skills improved a lot and I learned a lot of tricks that will continue to benefit me.
  • I feel like I have enough content written to work for an eBook, course or something else I could promote later.

So as I move forward with blogging I will be trying to dedicate larger blocks of time to blogging so that I can write several topics at a time. This will make less stress during my busy work weeks. I will also be writing fewer posts each week so that I can spend my time developing quality posts that you will hopefully enjoy reading.

Thank you for going through this learning experience with me. I hope that somewhere in this experience you benefited too.

Until next time…