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A New Year and Another New Start

We have reached the beginning of another new year.  Time to reset the goals for the upcoming year.  A time when everything is new and shiny.  A time to begin again.  So while I sit here at the start of the new year, I have to reflect on what has been and where I hope to go.  

I enjoy writing so it seemed only natural for me to write a blog.  I have seen other people have success at writing and in making money at writing.  Like many others I thought I could do it too.  I have a full time job already and my husband and I both have craft businesses but at some point in my life I would like to retire and be able to have some income without having to be a greeter at Walmart.  Blogging seemed to be a way I could avoid Walmart.  Even with all this to occupy my time, I still wanted to try.

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My Blogging Challenge Experience: What I Learned

Blogging every day takes more time than I expected. I knew it was going to take time but it proved to be very time consuming keeping up with everything that went with researching, writing and publishing a new post each day. Many times I rushed through this process just to post something. The reactions I got showed that you enjoyed the posts that I spent more time with. The entire process did speed up as I went along but I still struggled.

One of the things I thought I was prepared with and wasn’t is topics to blog about. I had a pretty good list but as the month went on a lot of the “quick” posts seems repetitive and not really my best work. I eliminated most of them in favor of posts that I already knew a lot about and could write about easily. While this was better, I found myself scrambling to keep up due to last minute planning. From now on I will plan out an entire month in advance with both titles and a brief outline.

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Fall Finds

In Michigan it is time for the seasons to change from summer into fall.  While I will miss summer, fall brings with it beautiful colors, bountiful harvests, and Halloween.  When my kids were little it was always great fun to decorate for every holiday.  Halloween is one of my favorites since there are always great items inHalloween Wreath Ghost Halloween Wreath Halloween Deco Mesh the stores.  I had lots of light up pumpkins and of course black cats.  I like my decorations to be the fun smiley pumpkin types, not scary monster ones.  Now that the kids are grown and have their own kids, we don’t decorate as much but I always love visiting my kids to see that they have carried on with decorating.  

Let’s have some fun looking at fun items for fall and Halloween.  While trolling around the internet, I found some pretty creative things you can make to decorate and eat.  Enjoy this list of my favorites:

  1. Crochet Turkey and Pumpkin Coasters: found on Maggie's Crochet

  2. 40 Halloween Party Foods For Kids: found on Craft River

  3. Fall Activities Bucket List: found on Craftaholics Anonymous

  4. Ghosts In The Graveyard Dessert Shooters: found on Sugar Spun Run

  5. 19 Spooktacular Halloween Treats (That Aren’t Candy): found on Brit+Co

  6. 15 Free Fall Crochet Patterns: found on DIY Candy

I hope you have enjoyed these posts and they have given you some ideas for your Fall Fun.  You can find more ideas on my Pinterest board Fall Finds.

Blogging It Out In October

This month I’m participating in a blogging challenge with one of the groups I belong to.  I love to write and share information, ideas and insight with others so blogging seems to be the perfect outlet for me.  Most of the time I feel like I am just writing for myself but maybe somewhere someone else is reading and appreciating my blogs.  

The challenge I am doing is through  , run by internet mentor Angela Wills.  Angela started a work at home business to support herself and her son and provide him a life where his mother would have flexibility to be involved in his life.  Over the years I have learned web site design using WordPress and simple graphic design and management using a piece of free software called Gimp.  My knowledge of both of these came from Angela.  If you are interested in learning more, visit her site using this link:  

But back to my plan...during the month of October my goal is to post a blog each day.  I hope to increase exposure and readership as well as doing some experimenting with affiliate marketing.  I find myself being sporadic with posting and want to get into some kind of a regular routine so that readers don’t get bored. 

So please bear with me as I begin this journey of writing to you each day.  Some may be short but my goal is to provide you with fun and interesting content that somehow adds to your day.  To follow along with my journey subscribe to my blog by signing up on the right of this page.

Until tomorrow…

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