Ultimate Craft Show List: People

All week we have look at each section of my Ultimate Craft Show List.  Day 1 was the Selling Group.  Day 2 the Display Group.  Day 3 the Business Group and day 4 was Supplies.  Today we are looking at what you need to get through the show. Read More

Ultimate Craft Show List: Business

Day three of my Ultimate Craft Show List  looks at Business related items you will want to have.  My background is administrative based and I have lots of experience with forms and spreadsheets to help make things easier.  I am excited to share some of my ideas and know that maybe they will make your life easier too.   Show Information/Confirmation…

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A Great Craft Show Display Takes Some Planning

A lot of how you display and merchandise your items depends on what you make and sell.  Are you items big or small?  Do they need to hang?  Do you have a lot of different items or just a few?  You have a lot to consider when deciding on how to merchandise your items.  There are also factors like the…

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Every Crafter’s Dream: It’s a Sell Out!

If you are like most crafters, you dream of selling out at each show you do along with all of the dollars that can bring.  Selling out is an awesome feeling but it can also bring some added challenges you had not considered.  Here is a story of what happened to us and lessons that were learned from it. As…

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