Why I Have a Yarn Stash: Pet Mats

In yesterday’s blog, I talked about how big my yarn stash was and how I didn’t care what colors and textures of yarn I obtained.  Because of this you will find me at thrift shops and garage sales looking for yarn.  It doesn’t matter if what I get is a full skein or not, what color it is or what texture it is.  It all works for Pet Mats.


So what is a Pet Mat?  It is generally an 18” round crochet circle made with two strands of yarn.  I’m not really sure how I started making them.  It was probably an attempt to use up some of the stray yarn I always have hanging around.  My cats have always loved to sit on them.  The kittens I have now especially love them.  Over the years I have made lots of them.  I have had people use them for chair mats, and rugs.  They work great in my cat carrier.  Once I had a daycare order multiple mats for them to use at circle time.  In addition to the round ones, I also make oval and rectangular ones and of course larger sizes for larger pets.  

I use a P size hook so they make up really quick but the thing I love most about making them is how creative you can be.  I feel very artistic planning out the colors and textures I use for each mat.  Sometimes I just grab some yarn out of my stash and see how it turns out.  Colors and textures you wouldn’t think would go together come out looking great.  

Right now my life has been consumed with making scrubbies and getting inventory built up for craft shows.  Over the years I have found that these mats sell better online than they do at craft shows so my focus has not been on mats.  I have been looking at that stash and thinking about mats lately so it must be time to take a break from the scrubbies for a day and make up some new mats.  

If you would like to see more on my pet mats and purchase them, you can find them here:  HOLTON HANDICRAFTS PET MATS.


Until Next Time…