It’s Game Day!

Since it’s October, we are deep into football season.  We like college football best and in my neck of the woods this weekend it’s the big rivalry game between Michigan and Michigan State.  This is a big game here between two Big10 schools.  Most of the people I know are Spartan fans but there are many that live in a "House Divided" where one person is a Wolverine and the other a Spartan.  

All the football talk this week got me thinking about a football party.  You could go to a party store and pick up some decorations and stop at the local carryout and get beer and pretzels and call it good.  Instead let your creativity flow. Here are some ideas to get you going.

Country Living has some great decorating ideas on this blog.  You will find a simple goal post, a football chain, pennants, pom poms, and more.  Most of these could be saved and used at another party.  You will also find links to ideas for food and snacks if you scroll down.  Southern Living also has some great food ideas.  Check them out here.

Need to be more tem specific?  After another google search for ideas. I found an entire board of great ideas like these MSU themed cookies.  You can check it out here.  There were also lots of great ideas that would work at any football party.  These Pigskin Pizza Pockets look fun. 

Hope these ideas have started your creativity flowing for your next football party, GO GREEN!

Until Next Time…