Pinterest Fun: Baby Loveys & Toys

Don't you just love Pinterest when you are looking for something.  It has become my go to place for a lot of ideas and research (or maybe just tonight's dinner).  Looking for something new to do with that chicken, BAM chicken recipes.  Leftover pill bottles, BAM ideas for their use (Check out my blog post on those ideas here).  

Sometimes I also like just browsing at what comes up in my feed.  Today I found this cute little Baby Lovey.  It looks easy to make and it would make a special baby shower gift.  The challenge was that it was that the pin was in a language that I didn't understand and the link back to the original instructions was broken.  Since the pin did have pictures of the pieces, someone more experienced at sewing could probably figure it out.  I like things easy so I felt I owed it to other pinners to add other pins with the same type thing in the hopes that they might have some readable instructions.  

Here is the next thing I love about Pinterest, scroll down beneath the pin and you get lots of similar ideas.  So while the pin I originally saw was broken, there were similar lovies that were also cute.  Then I found cute sock toys (I always get attracted to cat things) and more sock toys and more baby loveys and I pinned lots of them.  Pretty soon I found myself several layers down between scrolling and clicking, and that is the fun of Pinterest!  

Although I didn't find the instructions to fix the original broken link, I did find a bunch of similar ideas and plenty of other things that I could make ahead of time and have for a quick baby gift.  You can take a look at this pinning adventure on these two boards: Baby Patterns and Dolls and Toys.  You will find lots of other fun boards too!  Be sure to follow me while you are there.