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Ultimate Craft Show List: Business

Day three of my Ultimate Craft Show List  looks at Business related items you will want to have.  My background is administrative based and I have lots of experience with forms and spreadsheets to help make things easier.  I am excited to share some of my ideas and know that maybe they will make your life easier too.  

Show Information/Confirmation -  I have a zip shut folder that I use to keep all of my craft show information in.  For each show I have a copy of my application and check as well as any information I received from them by email or in the mail.  I keep everything for a single show stapled together and keep all of this year’s shows in the same folder.  For next year I will start a new folder.  It is good to have the information with you when you arrive at a show in case there is last minute information you need such as specific entrances or times.  It is also proof of acceptance just in case of a mix up.

Inventory List - You should always have a list of what you took to a show.  I always grab my notebook or wand and bowl items.  Not quite as formal with scrubbies and pet toys but I do always know how many I put out on the table.  Read my post on Post Event Craft Show Tracking for more on this.

Sales Tracking Form -  You will want a way to track your sales.  It will help you know what you sold and what to take next time.  Some items sell better at different times of the year or in different locations.  In my Post Event Craft Show Tracking post, I discussed how I use a spiral notebook at a show to keep track of sales and then balance the show at the end.  This services as a makeshift inventory list.  I do however have a more formal process specifically for our Lathe Junkie bowls, wands and other art.  

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