My Yarn Reduction Plan

I spoke before about my large yarn stash (How Big is Your Yarn Stash? 10.05.17).  I was working on some placemats before Christmas and needed some more blue.  In trying to locate what I needed I was a bit surprised at how much I actually have. I counted 3 bins, 4 boxes, 3 large bags and at least 1 smaller one.  Time to destash!  

Generally this means that it is time to make what I call Pet Mats. I started making these for my cats to sit on.  If you own a cat, you know that they like to sit on blankets, mats and other cozy things (including you).  Mine love to help me crochet.  Beyond the obvious yarn play that happens as I work, they also love to sit on whatever I am working on if I am working on something big.  

Pet Mats are approximately 18” round mats.  Sometimes they end up being larger, oval or rectangular.  I keep them on the couch or chairs but they are also useful on the floor or inside of my cat carrier.  My Tiger loves to sit on hers next to us on the couch and wants you to straighten it for her every time it isn’t laying flat.  Pet Mats are not just for pets.  I have also had people order them to use as chair pads, hot mats, rugs and even mats for preschoolers to sit on at circle time.

The reason I started making Pet Mats is the same reason that I have so much yarn in the first place.  I never know what a Pet Mat is going to look like when it is finished.  When I first started making these, I had been looking for a project that would use up all of the ends of yarn skeins that I had from other projects.  Often this would be just a few yards of a color.  I also love my double end black and white P size crochet hook (see the link on the side panel to order yours).  Since the hook will easily accommodate two or three strands of yarn, I just started using random colors together and ended up with my first pet mat.  Now I love to experiment with different colors and textures of yarn.  It makes me feel very creative and artistic.  

Since it is easy to incorporate any texture, thickness or color into a Pet Mat, I always look for yarn at garage sales and thrift stores.  It is fun to see what you and get and use it in a creative way.  Remember those placemats I mentioned above?  I was able to make four of them out of yarn I had on hand and gave my friend a surprise gift to complement her new table.  

Until Next Time...