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Simple Stashbuster Sewing Projects

I love projects that finish up quickly.  They give me the immediate gratification of completion and allow me to move on to a new project.  This is why I personally prefer crocheting to knitting.  For me a crochet project works up quickly and while I enjoy knitting, it takes me longer to complete.  This is also why I like sewing projects.  I'm not one to sit down and whip up an entire quilt but I do like stitching up quick little things that could be sold or used as gifts.  Small sewing projects can be a great way to use up that stash of extra material we all have hanging around.

Here are some links I found with ideas on how you can use up your stash and whip up some cute things in little or no time:

  • DiyJoy has a list of 49 Crafty Ideas for Leftover Fabric Scraps.  Their list includes the scrap magnets and key fobs pictured but there are additional project ideas for bags, hand warmers, pillows and baskets.


  • Chasing Foxes gives us 8 Easy and Lazy Crafts You Can Make and Sell.  Here you will find a laptop sleeve and a handy Home and Away Cable Cozy to store all of those stray cords.  They also include backpacks and pouches.


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Things to do with Pill Bottles

Thanks to the fact that we are getting older and a health scare that the hubby had, we seem to be accumulating a large amount of pill bottles at our house.  Not one to just throw useful things away, I turned to Pinterest for ideas on what to do with them.  Here are a few of the best:

13 Surprising Ways You Can Reuse Empty Pill Bottles

This post from LifeBuzz has some great ideas for everyday uses.  I especially like the Key Holder and the nail polish remover ideas.


Easy Pay It Forward Pill Bottle Pocket Provisions for the Homeless

Love this idea from Stuck At Home Mom.  This is a great pay it forward item that could be made and donated to a homeless shelter.  The article includes a list of ideas for what can be included.

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It’s All About the Feet? (Sewing feet that is)


I was reading this article that I found on Pinterest about how different sewing machine feet will give you a different look when sewing.  I’m one of those who just tends to use a basic all purpose foot unless I need something different for a specific application.  This article from the “Seasoned Homemaker” blog discusses the use of the all purpose foot.  Also included are links to articles on many other types of feet and their applications.  This is a good read with lots of useful information to help guide you in using the correct attachment for your sewing projects.

Sewing Machine Feet:: The All-Purpose Foot

Simple and Quick Valentine Ideas

2293e634-aa6f-4840-ad32-06ecceadcf97Valentine’s Day is only one week away!  Valentine’s day is not just for lovers.  It is a great time to let people you care about know that you are thinking of them.

Like a lot of you, when I need fresh and quick ideas, I turn to Pinterest.  Here are some pins you might find inspirational:

115 Last Minute Valentine Ideas from The Dating Divas

35+ Unique DIY Valentine’s Gifts for Men from Cute DIY Projects

Easy Valentine’s Day Ideas from Craftaholics Anonymous

30 Quick to Crochet Valentine Gifts from Fiber Flux

For more Valentine Ideas check out my board Valentine Fun on Pinterest

Hope you enjoyed these ideas and that they gave you some inspiration on what you can do for your special Valentines!