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Black Cats and Friday the 13th

Today is Friday, October 13th making it Friday the 13th.  It’s a day for superstitions and bad luck.  A common superstition is not to let a black cat cross your path or it will bring you bad luck.  Black cats have long been associated with scary, witchy things and bad luck.  But I have not found that to be the case.  Being a former black cat owner I always felt like ours protected us especially on Friday the 13th.  Black cats are sleek and sophisticated looking but beyond that they are just a cat.  

There are numerous benefits to owning a cat.  Cats make a great companion and help people deal with loneliness and loss.  Cuddling a cat has been shown to lower blood pressure and stress.  A cat’s purr has been known to heal bones and reduce swelling and infections.  I know I have benefited many times from purr therapy after a long stressful day.

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Some Spoiled Cats

While I like all animals, I am a cat person.  Not only a cat person but a crazy cat lady.  I would own a herd of cats (guess that would be pride) if I could.  Right now my "pride" consists of two very spoiled and adorable siblings, Tony and Tiger.  

How could you not bring home these sweet faces

We got them a year ago, a few months after our 25 year old cat Boo went over the rainbow bridge.  We wanted to adopt a ginger boy like our Mufasa who we lost the year before.  After much searching we found Tiger.  In the same cage with Tiger was another cutie that wanted to go too, that was Tony.  Our surprise was when they went for their surgery, Tiger was found to be a girl not a boy.  By that time we were in love with them and they were so bonded to each other that they both came home with us.  Missy Tiger Princess and Tony Bug (for lovey bug) both found their furever home with us.  You can check out their adventures on their Facebook page Tony N Tiger.  They would love it if you liked their page when you stop by.  

Vacation time is right around the corner and we love to camp.  We have a pull behind RV so taking the kittens with us is an easy option.  We are experienced with taking cats camping as we had to take Mufasa with us everywhere.  He was

Checking out the tiny house

diabetic and needed insulin twice a day.  He loved to camp and even camped in a tent as well as the pop up camper we used to have.  We got Tony and Tiger used to traveling by getting them started in their carrier (a.k.a. their car seat) when they were little.  Before Tony and Tiger's first trip, we spent time with them in the RV at home so they could get used to the new "tiny house".  We have bunk beds so we were able to use one for their bed.  When they were only 6 months old on their first trip we used a baby gate to keep them contained to their bed.  Now that they are all grown up, we won't need to use the gate.  Sine it has been several months since we have camped last, we will be spending more time in the "tiny house" before vacation.  

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