What To Do At A Slow Show

We had a hole in our show list for this weekend so I grabbed a show because it was available.  After I just got done telling you to be sure to do your homework on a show first, I broke my own rule with this show.  My justification was that some show was better than no show on this busy…

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What Makes a Great Craft Show? 7 Things to Consider When You Pick a Show!

For the past at least seven years we have exhibited at Mark Twain Craft Bazaar in Westerville, Ohio.  I have spoke of this show before.  This is a long established popular show that benefits the PTO of an Elementary School.  Every year I wonder if we have tapped out this show but every year it continues to exceed my expectations….

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My Blogging Challenge Experience: What I Learned

Like what you read? Use these to Share:Blogging every day takes more time than I expected. I knew it was going to take time but it proved to be very time consuming keeping up with everything that went with researching, writing and publishing a new post each day. Many times I rushed through this process just to post something. The…

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Ultimate Craft Show List: People

All week we have look at each section of my Ultimate Craft Show List.  Day 1 was the Selling Group.  Day 2 the Display Group.  Day 3 the Business Group and day 4 was Supplies.  Today we are looking at what you need to get through the show. Read More

Ultimate Craft Show List: Supplies

Here we are at day four of my Ultimate Craft Show List and today we are going to take a look at the miscellaneous supplies that you will want to have.  Once again, since my background is administrative, these seem like logical things to have but maybe not to everyone.  You may have additional needs based on the way you…

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