Ultimate Craft Show List: Selling

This week we are going to take the Ultimate Craft Show List I gave you on Friday and break it down with some details of why each item is important.  Today we start with the Selling Group. Product/Items you are Selling – Now this sounds like an obvious thing but this can be forgotten.  I am often working on last…

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Post Event Craft Show Tracking

Another show is in the books.  We had an average show yesterday.  Not the best show ever but not the worst by any means.  We made our booth fee back and a good profit.  Now is the time I start thinking forward to the next show but don’t make that mistake.  Instead I will take some time today documenting sales…

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Saturday is Craft Show Day

We are off to a craft show today! You will find us at Haslett High School Haslett, Michigan 9am – 3pm Hope to see you there! Like what you read? Use these to Share:

The Importance of Self-Care

My everyday job is in public health.  We work with a group that provides assistance to infants and children by supporting the family.  This sometimes puts them in some stressful situations.  A big concern for them is self care to help them cope with the stress that is sometimes a part of their job.  Having your own craft business can…

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My Ultimate Craft Show List

Most of this week we have been talking about craft shows.  Yesterday I gave you 5 things you don’t want to forget at a craft show.  In order to have a successful show it is best to be prepared with everything you need.  It can be hard to anticipate all of your needs without a list to guide you.  Today I…

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