2013-02-13 04.12.36I make scrubbies!  These versatile little gems are very popular, especially at craft shows.  I have people come back every year looking for these.  Sets of 10 in my Etsy shop also sell very quickly.  Why are these so popular?  Because they work!


KITCHEN – Teflon and other pans, Ceramic Cook Tops, Counter Tops, Vegetables.

BATH – Shower Doors, Chrome, Sinks, Tubs, Counters, Toilets.

PERSONAL – These work great on your rough heels or other areas where you might use a luffa.

OTHER USES – Great for detailing cars. We use them on our classic car to clean the chrome, white walls and grill. Clean the scrunge off of your boat as well as your BBQ Grill.

Many times you will see scrubbies that are flat or not as thick.  I like to make mine to be thick and sponge like.

It is a great selling item BUT, I just couldn’t keep up!  So……now you will occasionally see scrubbies for sale in my Etsy shop and generally you will find me with some scrubbies at a show.  To help me keep up with the demand for these popular little items, I decided it was time to write down the pattern for others to use.  The actual pattern that I use to make scrubbies is now available in my Etsy Shop with step by step directions that include pictures.


  • Is this knit or crochet?  This is crocheted in rounds increasing for the first side and decreasing for the second side. Ties are all worked to the inside to add some body to the scrubbie.  
  • What kind of material is this?  Scrubbies are made from Nylon Net (NOT Tulle).  Tulle is a softer material and is generally used as underskirting for prom or wedding dresses or in tu tu’s.  Nylon net is a firmer material.  I cut the materials in 1-1/2″ strips and my wonderful hubby will sit and tie them together and roll them into balls for me.  These tied together strips are used as the “yarn” to make the scrubbies.
  • Where can you purchase Nylon Net?  I generally purchase mine at JoAnn Fabric and Craft but I have also purchased it at Hobby Lobby and WalMart stores that sell fabric.  The retail price is generally between $.99 and $1.49 per yard.  I tend to watch for sales, specials or coupons to help keep the cost to a minimum.

Ready to make your own?  Get my pattern here:  Purchase Scrubbie Pattern

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