Items for You

Our Items For You include some great items for your personal use.

Picture Item Description How To Purchase
Pocket Purse This great little purse will fit many of your daily needs. It is 5" x 3" and is generally made with cotton or acrylic yarn. It features a button closure flap to keep all of your goodies safe inside.

It is the perfect size for:
* Business Cards
* Camera
* Change/Money
* Credit Cards
* Cell Phone
* IPod/MP3 Player
* Playing Cards
* Jewelry
* Tissues

A Pocket Purse is great for personal use or to give as a gift. You will find it is perfect for a quick trip to the store or for travel to keep your little necessities neat and organized.

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Drink Cozy Our Drink Cozy is crafted using 100% cotton yarn. The cotton insulates the cup keeping the heat in the coffee instead of on your hands. A Coffee Cozy will also help you identify your cup from other people’s cups. Our 3.5” wide sleeve fits well on most cups available at your favorite coffee house. Works great on cold drinks too.

This Eco-friendly alternative makes a great gift for teachers, mail carriers, friends, etc. It stores easily in your car or purse so you will need a few for yourself too.

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Quillows What is a Quillow? It's a blanket that folds into a pillow. Traditionally these have been made like a quilt with quilt squares thus quil part of the name. At HoltonHandicrafts we make ours with two pieces of extra soft flannel. Then we add batting in between to make it warm. Each Quillow is a generous 72" long and 44" wide blanket that folds into an 18" x 18" pillow. When open the pillow pocket doubles as a cozy place to put your feet. Just throw in the washer and dryer when needed.
Quillows Are Great For:
**Car Trips
**Air/Train Travel
**Lounging On The Couch
**Anywhere You Want A Warm & Cozy Blanket
Quillows are a custom made to order item. They sell for $40.00 plus shipping. Contact us to arrange your order.
Mug Huggers Our Mug Huggers are both stylish and functional. This cute little wrap will keep the warm inside of your cup and off of your hands.

This crochet strip wraps around your mug and fastens securely with a button to keep it in place. The Mug Hugger is approximately 3-1/4" tall and 9-1/2" around. It is made to fit on an 11 oz. mug.

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Face Scrubbies Our Crochet Face Scrubbies are made of 100% cotton. They are great for washing your face, removing makeup, and applying toner or lotions. Replace your disposable cotton pads with these beautifully handmade Eco-friendly alternatives.

Reusable and washable, these cotton face scrubbies are a great replacement for disposable pads or cotton balls. Great gift item for you or that Eco-friendly friend! These wonderful hand-crocheted little cloths are approximately 2.5" across.

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Flower Pins Brighten up your wardrobe with these beautiful Colored Roses. Each Rose is approximately 3” across and 1-1/4” high and includes green accent leaves and a locking pin back. The rose has several layers of pedals to give it a 3D shape.

Our Crochet Roses will make a great addition to your favorite sweater or jacket. Use the Brooch to accent your favorite outfit. They also work great on a purse, clutch headband or as a necklace or around your wrist.

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