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We have lots of items for your home.  Take a look at what we have to offer!

Picture Item Description How To Purchase
Scrubbies These Nylon Scrubbies have a variety of uses but are commonly known and used as a Pot Scrubber. Made from strips of nylon netting crocheted into a 3" round pad. These are Eco Friendly and can be easily cleaned by tossing it into the top rack of your dishwasher or into your washer. SUGGESTED USES ~~~ KITCHEN - Teflon and other pans, Ceramic Cook Tops, Counter Tops, Vegetables. BATH - Shower Doors, Chrome, Sinks, Tubs, Counters, Toilets. PERSONAL - These work great on your rough heels or other areas where you might use a luffa. OTHER USES - Great for detailing cars. We use them on our classic car to clean the chrome, white walls and grill. Clean the scrunge off of your boat as well as your BBQ Grill. Many more uses for this great little scrubber! This item requires a 14-21 day lead time Purchase Now
Scrubbie 2's Meet our other scrubbie item, the SCRUBBY2. This unique little item is part scrubber and part wash cloth. Each SCRUBBY2 is approximately 4" in diameter. One side is made from nylon net the same as our regular scrubbies. The other from cotton yarn the same as our wash cloths. Lots of uses in the Kitchen, Bath or Personal use. The nylon net is a great multipurpose, light duty, scouring pad. The cotton side is absorbent. Great for car enthusiasts for cleaning chrome, wheels and windows. Safe on Teflon pans and just about every other thing you clean. Available in a variety of colors that change depending on available yarn, please allow us to choose one for you. This item requires a 14-21 day lead time Purchase Now
Rugs Our pet mats do double duty as handy rugs. Each is crocheted with double yarn for extra durability and warmth. They work great in front of your favorite chair, by your bed, in the bath or anywhere you need a small rug. These versatile rugs can also be used for chair mats, foot stool covers or hot mats for your table. I even made some for a group of preschoolers to use at circle time. Our regular rug size is approximately 18" across but some end up a little larger. Since you might have a need for a larger rug we also have listings for 24" and 36" sizes. Each rug is unique due to available materials and color combinations that are put together. While some use similar colors, no two are exactly the same. When they get dirty just throw them in the washer and dryer. Purchase Now
Dusters Replace those disposable duster pads with our reusable duster covers. Use to clean wood or tile surfaces. Remove cobwebs from ceilings or walls. The ridge design is great for picking up dust and pet hair. Made from 100% cotton yarn, these eco-friendly covers will save you money on disposable duster pads while you help save the environment. Each cover is approximately 10” x 5”. They work for both dry and wet cleaning. When dirty just throw in the washer and dryer. Purchase Now
COMING SOON! Cord Keepers New Item Available Soon
Wash Cloths You will use this versatile set every day. It includes two 8" x 8" cloths. This set is done in 100% cotton using a variety of vibrant color combination's to complement your kitchen or you bath. These cloths work great as: *washcloth*dish cloth*baby wipe*gym cloth*diaper bag staple Because it is crocheted in 100% cotton yarn you can throw these into the washer and dryer when dirty. Purchase Now
Towel Sets This set will sure to be a favorite of anyone who receives it. Makes a great gift for Birthdays, Holidays or Housewarmings or maybe just to pamper yourself. This Set includes: 1- 14" x 24" Cotton Crochet Towel 2 - 8" x 8" Cotton Wash Cloths Use in the Kitchen for dishes, counters, etc. The cotton towel is very absorbent and the dishcloths hold up great to everyday dish washing to to wipe down counters and appliances. Use in the bath for your guests or yourself. The generous 8" x 8" wash cloth is great for personal washing and the large Cotton Towel makes a great hand towel. This is a seasonal/special order item. Towel Sets are $15.00 each. Contact us for more details.